9 Traits You Need to Succeed as a Cybersecurity Leader

The role of cybersecurity experts is to support the mission of their organization by ensuring that cyber risks are managed at an acceptable level. Since no enterprise is immune to cyber threats, organizations need to be prepared for when a breach happens. The end goal of every organization should be resilience, the ability to identify and minimize the impact of an incident to allow business continuity as effectively as possible.

  1. Think like a business leader 
  2. Build and practice strong cyber hygiene
  3. Protect access to mission critical assets
  4. Protect email against phishing 
  5. Apply a zero-trust approach to securing the 
    supply chain
  6. Prevent, monitor, and respond to emerging 
    cyber threats
  7. Develop and practice a comprehensive crisis 
    management plan
  8. Build a robust and tailored disaster-recovery plan
  9. Advocate a culture of cybersecurity