Case Study: WAVERLEY BOROUGH COUNCIL: Protecting the sensitive data of 126,000 citizens

2021 seems to be ,yet, another brutal year for ransomware attacks as cyber criminals continue to blackmail victims with the threat of public leakage of exfiltrated data and paralysing critical systems and infrastructure for weeks on end.  Read how one victim's small team was able to implement an easy and affordable solution.  

The first step was implementing CyGlass within our network – this could not have been easier. CyGlass is fully automated with interactive scripts and being a fully hosted solution, is non-intrusive and of no risk toour data. We achieved initial traffic flow in 45 minutes. It took just a few days to learn our network, shininga light on many areas that were not easily visible. This helped us highlight and prioritize remediation workmuch more effectively with limited resources in the team.” HOWARD DENHART, SERVICE DESK SUPERVISOR