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A confident transition to cloud-based Disaster Recovery (DR)

This brief explains how a Microsoft Azure BC/DR Envisioning Session prepares businesses to adopt a successful cloud strategy.

Adopting an effective strategy for Disaster Recovery (DR)

This infographic looks at common downtime concerns and the benefits of deploying Microsoft Azure for effective DR.

Insurance firm enhances security with cloud-based disaster recovery

This case study examines how a cloud-based solution by Microsoft Azure achieved those goals — and more.

Enhancing visibility to achieve control over your security environment

This infographic looks at the impact of cybersecurity threats and offers Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel tool as an advanced solution.

NBA team makes seamless transition to modern cloud security

This case study highlights how deploying Microsoft Azure Sentinel allowed the team to leverage existing assets and achieve a seamless transition to scalable, cloud-based security.

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The 5 Attributes of a Modern Security Program

This ebook highlights key factors to consider when creating a comprehensive security strategy and outlines five attributes of a modern security program.

Cloud Choices: How to Defend Which Workload Goes Where

Learn best practices and high-level methodologies for determining which workloads should go on which platforms, as part of building a defensible roadmap for your cloud transformation

How to expedite IT asset discovery

Scanning, locating, mapping, and analyzing an IT environment can take months or even years. Used in conjunction with skilled consultants and a proven methodology, Insight’s SnapStart discovery engine can map IT assets 10–20x faster than traditional methods, as well as improve accuracy and provide more insights.

The keys to simply flawless migrations

This infographic provides the basic framework for a successful migration, from discovery through piloting.

5 Options to Secure SD-WAN-Based Internet Access

MPLS connections are on the decline, with IT leaders favoring Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) offerings. Ensuring the appropriate level of security with SD-WAN implementations, however, can be difficult. Read “5 Options to Secure SD-WAN-Based Internet Access” from Gartner.

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