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5 Steps to a Successful Cloud Journey

These five steps provide a general roadmap you can follow to increase your odds of cloud success.

7 Core Practices to Achieve Data Center Modernization

Learn how to bridge gaps, change minds and speed the move toward a desire, future data center.

CDCT helps leading financial institution transform its storage and backup environments to provide better staff and customer experiences

Read this case study to discover how U.S financial institution modernize the company's storage and back up and disaster recover environments to support continued growth, improve customer experiences and drive staff efficiencies.

Master Your Environment: 6 Key Changes in IT and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

New technologies and applications are generating marked pressures to modernize and transform IT.

Are your applications optimized for the cloud?

In this video, Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) Chief Architect Juan Orlandini explains what is necessary to optimize applications in terms of the technology and beyond.

9 Keys to Turbocharging Your SaaS App

Reduce churn, increase market share and lower your IT costs.