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White Paper | Presented by Exago, Inc.

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Homegrown Analytics

Demand for self-service analytics is at an all-time high. Can your engineers meet the need in house, or is it time to look for a third-party solution?

White Paper | Presented by Exago, Inc.

Building vs. Buying Embedded Business Intelligence

Software companies face mounting pressure to provide in-application business intelligence capabilities.

White Paper | Presented by Exago, Inc.

The Seven Self-Service Business Intelligence Essentials

This list of self-service BI software capabilities goes beyond ad hoc reporting to include the means of distributing premade reports and dashboards, allowing all users to help themselves to data insights without having to wait for outside assistance.

White Paper | Presented by Exago, Inc.

The Ultimate Guide to Ad Hoc Reporting for SaaS Products

This white paper explores all angles of ad hoc reporting and its value to the SaaS industry, including what it is, how it relates to self-service BI, and what value it provides SaaS subscribers.