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White Paper | Presented by BeyondTrust

Enable & Secure Your Remote Workforce

Keep Remote Workers Productive Without Sacrificing Security.

White Paper | Presented by Secured Touch

Behavioral Data: The Key to Unlocking Better Fraud Prevention

In this whitepaper, we will take a deep dive into the WHAT, HOW and WHY of behavioral data, and the ways it is helping businesses combat fraud while providing a better user experience.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

Beyond the Perimeter: The Need for Pervasive Email Security

Many organizations are coming up short when protecting against modern email threats.

Build and operationalize machine learning models

Data science and machine learning (ML) have gained prominence in the enterprise digital transformation journey. ML automates decision-making and analytical reasoning capabilities. 

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

Cyber Resilience ThinkTank: Transforming the SOC

When you think of a security operations center (SOC), what comes to mind?

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

Danger within: email and security awareness training strategies for effective account takeover protection

Malicious actors use phishing, social engineering and brand impersonation techniques to steal login credentials and compromise email accounts, creating serious risks of data breach and financial fraud.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

Defense in Depth: Closing the Gaps in Microsoft 365 Security

Email is the most widely used business application—and the No. 1 vector of cyberattacks.

Enabling the Future of Work with Microsoft 365

The particular tools and processes that characterize traditional office environments — think email and conference room meetings — don’t necessarily translate to the Future of Work.

White Paper | Presented by T-Mobile

Get the REVVL 5G on Us. Only at T-Mobile. America’s largest 5G network

For a limited time, America’s Largest 5G network is giving you the REVVL 5G for FREE via 24 monthly bill credits when you add a line on a qualifying rate plan. With 5G access in 50 states, T-Mobile for Business keeps you connected more than ever before.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

How to help prevent increasingly rampant brand exploitation

Brands have been the unwitting victims of scams since time immemorial. Now, in the age of phishing, it’s worse than ever.

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