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How to Migrate from VMware NSX for vSphere to NSX-T

Read this guide for the information you need to accomplish a successful migration, enable simpler operations, and strengthen security for your data center. 

eGuide | Presented by AWS & COGNIZANT

Cognizant Solutions for Healthcare & Life Sciences on AWS

Cognizant has a proven track record of building successful life sciences solutions for customers on the AWS platform.

eGuide | Presented by HackerOne

The Beginners’ Guide to Bug Bounty Programs

In The Beginners’ Guide to Bug Bounty Programs we will look at how organizations include Starbucks, LendingClub, GitHub, Hyatt, Verizon Media, Priceline, Nintendo and Google Play are working with hackers to protect their customers and brands.

eGuide | Presented by Ricoh

The IT leadership Challenge: Principles and Practices for Unpredictable Times

What will IT leadership look like in 2021? As IT leaders meet the challenges of the COVID era, only one thing on is assured – more  change is coming sooner than you think.

eGuide | Presented by 8x8

8x8: Collaboration and AI Take Customer Care to the Next Level

This buyers guide examines the North American contact center market for both premise- and cloud-based solutions

eGuide | Presented by Harbr Group

Data Exchange Decision Guide for the Enterprise

Interested in a data exchange, but unsure of the best approach? Use this guide to compare.

eGuide | Presented by Auth0

Build vs. Buy: Guide to Evaluating Identity Management

What is identity management and when should you build vs buy? Download this free comprehensive 22-page guide to learn about modern identity for different use cases and whether your current solution is hindering growth.

eGuide | Presented by Spectrum Enterprise

Technology solutions simplified: Improve operational efficiency and reap cost savings with a single source provider

Making sure your customers have consistent, high-quality experiences is a top priority. Often central to that experience is technology infrastructure.

eGuide | Presented by JAMF

Apple Device Management for Beginners

This eGuide outlines the key areas businesses should oversee for their Apple device management.

eGuide | Presented by BlueJeans Networks

Future-Proofing for 2021

As we look forward to what 2021 will bring, this eGuide will remind you of some of the lessons learned over the unprecedented year we are still living through. From CIOs to parents trying to work at home while their kids are schooling remotely, everyone is learning to make use of new technologies and new ways of doing business. Videoconferencing, webinars, live streaming, and updated room systems need to be considered as part of strategic planning across both IT and line-of-business strategies. We send our best to you as you work safely and productively into the new year.

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