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eGuide | Presented by AWS

A Strategic Playbook for Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning

Regardless of where you are on your data modernization journey, this playbook will help you refine your strategy to effectively scale data, analytics, and machine learning across the enterprise, so you can accelerate innovation and drive your business forward.

eGuide | Presented by Smartsheet

Smartsheet Project Management Guide

Everyone manages projects, whether as a certified project manager managing a portfolio or as a team player managing work processes as needed.

eGuide | Presented by BMC Software

The Future of Service and Operations Management: A Buyer’s Guide

The focus is no longer on transformation: today it’s about staying competitive in world that’s already gone digital. By converging ITSM and ITOM on a single, automated platform, you can deliver services faster, reduce MTTR, accelerate time-to-market, and lower cost and risk across your organization.

eGuide | Presented by IBM

A comprehensive guide for the modern data catalog

As the volume of data has grown exponentially, the need for making data sources more discoverable and manageable is growing, so organizations can make more informed decisions about how to use and monetize their data. Intelligent data catalogs help manage this growth with capabilities to discover, curate, categorize, share data and build analytical models.

eGuide | Presented by IBM

DataOps interactive guide

Automated data operations (DataOps) helps drive innovation by deploying an integrated business-ready data pipeline that drives analytics and AI at scale, achieves operational efficiency and enables privacy and compliance.

eGuide | Presented by IBM

Hybrid Data Management Interactive Point of View

The proliferation of data is creating new opportunities for businesses to better understand their customers, their industry and their own operations. But as the various formats, sources and deployments of data grows exponentially, how can businesses optimize this wealth of new data while remaining compatible with existing systems?

eGuide | Presented by IBM

SaaS Buyer's Guide

There are two layers to choosing a cloud data management solution. The first is choosing the right cloud with the right pricing structure. The second is a cloud provider with enterprise support ready for multicloud deployments and artificial intelligence (AI).

eGuide | Presented by Contino

The CTO's Crisis Survival Guide: Adapt Your Transformation

Covid-19 has taken lives, damaged economies, and changed the ways we live and work. It has highlighted the real risks of Business As Usual for global companies.

eGuide | Presented by AVI-SPL

Emerging Technologies for the New Workplace eGuide

AVI-SPL shares insights into solutions and practices that will shape the workplace experience in the post-COVID-19 world.

eGuide | Presented by AVI-SPL

Determining which UCC Team to Join

An objective guide for IT management when making executive recommendations for an optimized enterprise collaboration portfolio.

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