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Fraud, IP Theft and an Intrusion: A Case Study

When you’re faced with an intrusion — whether you were brought in as an outside consultant or are responsible for incident response for your organization — your stakeholders or management ask the same question: What did they take, and how did they get in?

Silicon Root of Trust as a Cybersecurity Essential

HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, are configured with a silicon root of trust to detect and recover firmware from compromise or breach. Learn why this cybersecurity innovation was designated a 2019 Cyber Catalyst solution.

eBook | Presented by Netscout Systems Inc

Strengthen Cybersecurity with Visibility

This eBook offers tips and best practices for how to best establish a strong cybersecurity posture by ensuring comprehensive and consistent visibility into all network traffic, providing SecOps teams with the data they need to proactively detect, investigate, and mitigate cyberthreats.

From The Core to The Edge: 7 Reasons you Need Security at the Edge

Whether we are enterprise users or endpoint consumers, our digital experiences are increasingly delivered to us on our connected devices - wherever we are, whenever we want them. For InfoSec professionals, this interconnected ecosystem is wreaking havoc with the idea of "the perimeter”, which no longer exists.

Security Starts at the Edge: The 2019 Security Buyer’s Guide

Security is the foundation of success to any digital business. But security-related interruptions do happen, and can have far-reaching consequences such as losing customer trust and injuring your reputation. As a security or IT leader, part of your ongoing security, risk-management, and compliance strategy is sourcing the best solutions for your business. When looking for your next security platform, take advantage of our 2019 Security Buyer’s Guide Checklist.

State of the Internet/Security: DDoS and Application Attacks

Sometimes a DDoS or web application attack isn’t. We saw 875,000 POST requests per second targeting a customer in Asia and uncovered the real cause — so you can avoid it. The State of the Internet / Security DDoS and Application Attacks report provides insightful security research and intelligence. Read now to Increase your knowledge of DDoS and application attacks, with insight from Akamai’s Security Research and Intelligence experts. You will also learn about the evasion tactics attackers use to circumvent bot management defenses and we mined job postings to identify the skill sets they seek to help you understand your threat environment. Take time out for mental health with information on how mitigate the risk of stress and burnout in your security team.

The State of Media Security

Media companies have a tremendous opportunity ahead of them: the chance to revolutionize an industry by replacing traditional broadcast TV with personalized, higher-quality online experiences. But before this potential can be realized, OTT providers must deliver flawless and uninterrupted viewing experiences to every one of their viewers. An essential ingredient to delivering this is securing not only your content, but also your applications, sites, and data.

Respond to business risks in real-time with integrated risk management

The financial and legal penalties that could result from noncompliance make it imperative to invest in transforming outdated GRC processes.

IDC MarketScape: World Wide Commercial CDN 2019 Vendor Assessment

Download the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Commercial CDN 2019 Vendor Assessment to see why Akamai is named a leader in the market among 8 key CDN vendors.

Player Centric Innovation for Game Delivery

Are your game downloads fast enough? Download speeds can either drive or drown your gamers. One publisher found that a 30% improvement in download speeds resulted in a 10% increase in day-one activation. We also studied player sentiment, and found that 69% complained about long loading times impacting their enjoyment of the game. Read our latest research on online game delivery innovations to find out how you can ensure your players are getting the best experiences.

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