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White Paper | Presented by Egress

Outbound email: Microsoft 365's security blind spot

Microsoft 365 is the world’s go-to productivity platform – but its native security technology is limited in its ability to stop outbound email data breaches.

White Paper | Presented by Exago, Inc.

Building vs. Buying Embedded Business Intelligence

Software companies face mounting pressure to provide in-application business intelligence capabilities.

A Pragmatic Path to SASE with Menlo Security

Digital transformation has rapidly accelerated over the last year, with organizations requiring greater agility and focusing even more on the shift to cloud.

White Paper | Presented by T-Mobile

The Role for 5G in Transportation and Logistics

The digital transformation use cases for tomorrow's transportation and logistics will depend upon robust 5G networks. Transportation and logistics companies need to consider 5G as a digital transformation journey rather than a destination.

White Paper | Presented by RoboCorp

AutomationOps: The movement for aligning business process intent with development automation

Business process automation, historically aligned with complex flowcharts and big iron information silos of the last millennium, is poised to enter a renaissance of productivity.

White Paper | Presented by Google

The new standard in life sciences manufacturing

In this whitepaper you will learn: - What current challenges the life sciences manufacturing and supply chain industry is facing today 

Video/Webcast | Presented by Microsoft

Watch Azure Synapse Analytics demo videos

Watch the demos to get started with Azure Synapse and learn how to ingest, prepare, manage, and serve data to implement BI and machine learning solutions—all from a single analytics service.

White Paper | Presented by CyGlass, Inc

5 Critical Steps to Defeating Ransomware in 2021

We have all seen the worsening headlines about ransomware attacks.

White Paper | Presented by Motus, LLC

BYOD: Do's and Dont's

A BYOD program is a great cost-effective option for any business that wants to avoid additional asset management, as long as you get it right from the start.

Case Study | Presented by CyGlass, Inc

Case Study: WAVERLEY BOROUGH COUNCIL: Protecting the sensitive data of 126,000 citizens

2021 seems to be ,yet, another brutal year for ransomware attacks as cyber criminals continue to blackmail victims with the threat of public

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