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Forget the network perimeter, say security vendors

Security vendors start embracing Google's BeyondCorp network security model that treats all apps and devices as being on the Internet instead of assigning higher trust to local networks.

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German consumer groups sue WhatsApp over privacy policy changes

WhatsApp's privacy policy change allowing Facebook to target advertising at its users has landed the company in a German court.

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Microsoft continues pushing hybrid cloud with new launches

Microsoft continued its push to get companies on the hybrid cloud train on Monday, with the launch of several products all tailored at helping bridge on-premises data centers and the public cloud.

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IBM cloud chief: The next phase of cloud is a race to add value

IBM senior vice president of cloud Robert LeBlanc argues that IBM’s mix of SoftLayer IaaS, BlueMix PaaS and Watson cognitive computing assets position the company best in the market to help businesses digitally transform.

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Oracle pushes hybrid by letting customers rent cloud hardware

Oracle has unveiled a trio of hardware appliances to try and help customers bridge their on-premises datacenters and the public cloud.

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VMware ‘Cloud Foundation’ integrates virtual compute, network and storage systems

To kick off its VMWorld conference, the virtualization giant launched VMware Cloud Foundation, a platform that integrates virtualized compute, network and storage software into a pre-integrated product.

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VMware CEO pledges cloud computing freedom

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, at the outset of the virtualization leader’s VMworld 2016 conference, shares the big news from the event, including new tools that make it easier for customers to build cross-cloud environments, as well as an...

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Here's why Azure Stack will only run on certain hardware

Microsoft said that limiting the hardware for Azure Stack will lead to better outcomes, but that might come at a price.


Four U.S. companies rule the world's cloud infrastructure

There are plenty of companies vying for a piece of the worldwide cloud infrastructure market, but the top four -- all in the U.S. -- dominate by such a wide margin as to effectively leave their competitors in the dust.

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Microsoft delays its Azure Stack software until mid-2017

Azure Stack, Microsoft's private cloud operating system, will be launching first through a set of integrated hardware and software systems from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Dell and Lenovo.

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Apple stores to sell Apollo 'personal cloud.' It's back to the future all over again

I thought we'd finally got to an understanding that the cloud is the best place to store consumer data. It seems I was wrong.

OpenStack Summit -- checking in after another six months

The bi-annual OpenStack summit is always a great chance to see how the initiative is going.

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Verizon taps Red Hat and OpenStack for its NFV deployment

A good customer win for Red Hat going into the OpenStack Summit in Austin.

10 icloud hints for busy people

10 iCloud hints for busy people

Hey, you, get a grip on iCloud...

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Back to the future: It's all about appliances again

You remember how cloud computing was going to obviate the need for physical hardware? Maybe not.


Volkswagen chooses OpenStack for private cloud

The second largest car manufacturer in the world, Volkswagen Group, will use the open-source cloud computing platform OpenStack to build a private cloud that will host websites for its brands including VW, Audi and Porsche, and will...

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Google's new Stackdriver service can manage applications across multiple clouds

Google is aiming to help companies manage their applications running across public and private clouds with a new product and a set of partnerships announced at its cloud user conference.

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