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Cue the hand-wringing, Docker acquires Tutum. More ecosystem angst on its way?

Anyone who said that navigating the perils of being a massively valued company is easy was lying. Docker once again shows us just how hard it can be.

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ScriptRock offers free vulnerability testing. Or what to do when AWS eats (some of) your lunch

Building on that backs of a massive platform player is both an opportunity and a massive risk. ScriptRock shows how to deftly maneuver past a voracious platform.

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Equinix strives to help enterprise migration to cloud, but not the right way

There's no doubt that most organizations are looking to leverage the public cloud in some way. But Equinix' latest offering doesn't really help them to do it the right way.

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IBM delivers unicorns and rainbows: Fully hybrid Bluemix offering

Hybrid, like the Pepsi commercial went, the choice of a new generation. IBM wants to leverage this fact and is announcing some technologies that push the hybrid story further.

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IBM integrates its Blue Box platform across the network

The ultimate test of an acquisition is when the acquired product is integrated into the products and services of the acquirer. On this occasion, IBM has performed well by this measure.

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Microsoft streamlines hybrid cloud operations with new tools

Workloads moved to the cloud must be managed properly, so Microsoft has released new tools to help system administrators bridge their in-house data centers with Azure services.

Oracle offers software to ease hybrid cloud management

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 5 lets system administrators manage computing jobs in the Oracle Cloud Platform alongside those managed in-house.

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IBM muscles up on OpenStack with Blue Box buy

Betting that demand for hybrid clouds will grow strongly, IBM has acquired Blue Box, which specializes in offering OpenStack open source cloud hosting services.

Microsoft looks to empower IT in the cloud

At its first Ignite conference in Chicago today, the Microsoft unveiled Azure Stack, a collection of the company's hyper-scale public cloud technologies that it uses for its own data centers.

6 cloud sourcing archetypes

From traditional cloud RFPs to API-enabled cloud brokerage, buyers are dramatically changing the way they engage the market. Here are six of the most common archetypes.

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Choosing the cloud that’s right for you

There are degrees of commitment to the cloud, and more than one cloud model to consider

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Ford uses Microsoft cloud to seamlessly update cars

Ford Motor Co. is moving to automatically update its cars infotainment systems using Microsoft's Azure cloud service.

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IBM's cloud pitch aims for the gut

IBM on Monday made its case as an enterprise cloud vendor with something special: Watson, its one-of-a-kind, cognitively-capable platform.

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So. IBM starts Spectrum storage software strategy. Satisfactory?

IBM is crowing about investing $1B in storage software. But not just any old software. Oh no. Big, intelligent, software-defined storage software. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers get the blues.

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Microsoft looks to make hybrid clouds less scary with extensive testing

Microsoft is working to make its hybrid cloud offerings more attractive to business.

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Buckle up IT: The enterprise needs you for cloud adoption

For years, people in marketing or HR have been sneaking their apps and data onto the cloud, totally bypassing IT's approval or help. Buckle up, IT, those days are coming to an end.

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Hybrid cloud adoption set for a big boost in 2015

Spurred on by rising enterprise interest in the hybrid cloud, the overall cloud market is likely to see great growth in the coming year.

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IBM pushes hard into the enterprise cloud

IBM is building out its global computing network for the enterprise cloud market and announced that it is adding cloud centers in 11 new locations.

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Microsoft, Accenture try to ease the path to the hybrid cloud

Microsoft and business consulting firm Accenture have released a package designed to make it easy to integrate in-house IT operations with Microsoft Azure cloud services.

DT and Informatica service links cloud, on-premises apps, data

The data orchestration service is aimed at companies with hybrid computing environments.

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