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Podcast IDG TechTalk

Mingis on Tech, Episode 80: The lowdown on Google's Pixel 3

The Pixel 3 is here and Computerworld's Dan Rosenbaum offers up insights and observations about using the new device after several days' hands-on experience.

Android Upgrade Perspective

Hold the pitchforks! 2 overlooked realities about Android upgrades

Yes, Android upgrades are a mess — but in bemoaning the real problems, too many people ignore the broader realities around them.

Android P Rumors

5 missing footnotes from those Android P rumors

Android P rumor season has begun — but this first batch of tantalizing teases could use a little clarification.

Android 2018 Primer

Android 2018 primer: 10 bits of telling analysis to mull over

'Tis the season for looking back — and looking ahead.

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