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Mozilla tests ad-blocking feature in Firefox

Mozilla today introduced three new test features for Firefox, including one that may foreshadow a more aggressive ad-blocking strategy by the developer.

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Firefox sets kill-Flash schedule

Mozilla will follow other browser markers by curtailing use of Flash in Firefox next month.

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Mozilla wants to build web recommendation engine into Firefox

'Content Graph' will tap the Firefox user pool to fuel the content placed under, presumably, the browser's Forward button.

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Multi-process Firefox project nears completion of first phase

Mozilla is nearing a production release of a multi-process Firefox that should offer better performance and stability.

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Firefox 47 adds more support for video copy protection

Mozilla today released Firefox 47, which sports multiple under-the-hood changes and an enhancement to the browser's synchronization service.


A web page consumes a constant 25% of the CPU -- after it has loaded

An article on just won't quit. Well after the page has loaded, it continues to consume large amounts of CPU. Block the ads, all is well. Where does this end?

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Why I switched back to Firefox

Remember when you ditched Firefox for Chrome and pinkie-swore you’d never go back? Yeah, me too. But recently I needed to test a Web-based app in Firefox, so, with some hesitance, I took the plunge and installed it.


Mozilla shutters Firefox OS, gives up on smartphones

Mozilla confirmed that it was halting development on Firefox OS in its current incarnation, putting an end to more than four years of work building a browser-based, smartphone operating system.

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Mozilla scraps in-Firefox ads

Mozilla is chucking its plan to advertise within Firefox, explaining that the money-making strategy "isn't the right business for us at this time."

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Mozilla revenue climbs 5% in final year of Google search deal

Mozilla's revenue for 2014 was up 5%, with the bulk of its earnings coming from the search deals struck for the open-source developer's Firefox browser.

Firefox 42 tracking protection private browsing

Firefox 42’s privacy fix: Does anyone still care about Mozilla?

Firefox now has “Tracking Protection” built into its Private Browsing mode. Mozilla argues that all the other browsers leak information in their Incognito, InPrivate or (ahem) pr0n modes...

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Controlling Chrome plugins: Lessons learned the hard way

The inability to stop Flash from running by default on Chrome led to some lessons learned the hard way controlling both plugins and extensions with Google's browser.

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Mozilla admits bug-tracker breach led to attacks against Firefox users

Mozilla said an unknown attacker accessed its Bugzilla bug-and-change tracking database, stole information about 53 critical security vulnerabilities, and used at least one to attack Firefox users.

Stop the Flash madness - 5 bugs a week

Enough already with the Flash Player. It has generated five bugs a week so far in 2015. Removing it, is not only good Defensive Computing, it also helps everyone else.

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Mozilla Firefox vs. Microsoft Windows 10 — FIGHT!

Mozilla Firefox honcho castigates Microsoft chief: CEO Chris Beard is lambasting his opposite number for Windows 10's inability to remember browser-choice settings. It feels like the good old days: Is Satya's Microsoft going back to...

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Update: Mozilla slams Microsoft over Windows 10's default browser switcheroo

In a letter from Mozilla CEO Chris Beard to Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella, Beard criticized the way Windows 10 setup changed the default browser.

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Mozilla to launch new Firefox feature testing program

Mozilla plans to launch a new testing program in August that lets Firefox users try out potential changes to the browser.

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Adobe Flash must die, die, DIE. Firefox shoots gun loaded by Facebook (and potholer54)

Mozilla Firefox now blocks the Adobe Flash plugin, thanks to its horrible ongoing security problems. The block will last until you're running a version with all known vulnerabilities patched...

Coming soon to Firefox: More ads!

Mozilla unveiled an expansion and rebranding of its in-browser ads, now dubbed "Suggested Tiles," that will by default show in the new tab page for all Firefox users

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Mozilla to debut Firefox for iPhone 'soon'

Mozilla will introduce Firefox for Apple's iPhone "soon," according to a company announcement of an open marketing position.

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