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hey siri why cant i use you on a mac

Hey Cortana, why can’t I use Siri on a Mac?

You can use Cortana on a Mac, but not Siri. Why does this make sense?


Microsoft starts public test of Cortana app for Android smartphones

Microsoft now lets anyone with an Android phone try out its app that brings the virtual assistant from Windows 10 to a non-Microsoft platform.

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The Windows 10 developer’s dilemma: Go Universal or stick with the desktop?

Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform offers code-once-run-anywhere upside, but development drawbacks abound.

Is that what they said about Y2k testing too?

New-to-the-company pilot fish's first assignment is to test a process that reboots a PC at midnight Saturday -- and after resetting the PC's clock, that's easy enough to do on Monday. But there's a hitch.

Intuit Quicken for the

Intuit puts venerable Quicken up on the block

Intuit plans to sell its Quicken unit, the group that creates the personal finance software that made the company famous.

win10 in parallels desktop 11 on yosemite

Parallels Desktop 11 lets Mac users say 'Hey Cortana'

Parallels Desktop 11 launched late Tuesday, with support for the latest desktop operating systems, along with new marquee features like the ability to run.


With MacPractice, every doctor can get a Mac

MacPractice sets the bar for doctor's seeking medical practice solutions for Mac, iPad or iPhone.

new tab in edge

Review: Is Microsoft’s Edge browser ready for business?

Microsoft's Edge, which is included with Windows 10, is a more modern, more secure and more compatible browser. It will need more work to fit in at work -- but will be worth the wait.

Firefox for Windows 10

Mozilla fights to keep users with new Firefox for Windows 10

Mozilla has released a Windows 10 version of Firefox, making good on a pledge last month to get something in users' hands quickly once the new OS was out.

3 less known apple mail features

3 less-known Apple Mail features

Apple's Mail has a variety of features like MailDrop and Markup that even regular users might not realize are available to them.

best wi fi stumblers mac 1

Review: Free and low-cost Wi-Fi stumblers for the Mac

Here’s our take on wireless stumblers that run on Mac OS X for all you Apple fans.

sage green logo

The end of ERP and product confusion — the Sage Summit saga continues

Cloud! Hybrid! Mobile! Choice! It was all on offer at Sage Summit. Here's a rundown on what was announced and my general impressions of the show.

libreoffice 5

LibreOffice 5.0: The best free Office alternative just got better

If you want a great office suite but don't want to pay a penny, try the just-released LibreOffice 5.0. It's better and faster than previous versions, and a budget-hunter's dream.

Patch halt looms for half of all IE users

With just over four months left before Microsoft stops serving security updates to most versions of Internet Explorer other than IE11, nearly half of all IE users are running a soon-to-be-retired edition.

what to do if icloud music library kills itunes music

What to do if iCloud Music Library kills iTunes music

Apple has engaged in several key transitions, but it seems the biggest challenge it has faced is the migration from iTunes to Apple Music

11 force click tricks for mac users

11 Force Touch commands for Mac users

May the Force (Click) be with you

can apple music keep its 10 million users

Can Apple Music keep its 10M users?

The Apple Music team is rapidly developing essential iTunes improvements in a bid to convert early free-trial listeners into fully paid-up subscribers.

Downbeat: Apple Music not a hit with watchdogs, senators, and bloggers

Yesterday wasn't a good day for Apple's streaming music service. A consumer watchdog group, a U.S. senator, and a popular blogger weren't praising Apple Music, they were, in effect, burying it...

Office 365 migration path

The more customers Microsoft adds to Office 365, the less it makes from each subscriber

The more consumers that Microsoft puts on its Office 365 subscription rolls, the less it makes from each customer, data the company disclosed Tuesday showed.

Windows 10 download before release date

Windows 10 -- download full version, before release date (RTM build 10240)

Yes, you can get the Windows 10 final RTM build, right now for download, even before the release date. Build 10240 is available for update, but you can also get hold of the ISOs...

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