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On a roll: HelloSign signs up Salesforce

So simple. But so easy. And a natural partner for Salesforce.

microsoft cloud windows

Understanding Microsoft’s cloud application platform

Microsoft’s ambition for its new Dynamics 365 cloud CRM and ERP service is broader than just creating a subscription service from its on-premises business tools.

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Vlocity slurps up cash to become the next Veeva (or the next several)

The mark of a true platform is when it fuels a series of successful companies built on its back. Vlocity could be a good example.

SugarCRM SugarCon Larry Augustin

Battle of the CRMs: Each gets one. Salesforce gets Virgin Atlantic, Sugar gets Virgin Mobile

All’s fair in love and war as SugarCRM gets its own Virgin customer win to crow about

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FullContact slurps up cash and contacts

Because my contact list is long, complex, and full of outdated info and duplicates.

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Engagio raises cash to help the 'expand' part of 'land and expand'

Selling more stuff to an existing customer, or at least a prospect with a good chance of success, is easier than selling stuff cold to a random prospect. Engagio wants to make it even easier.

data privacy ts

A familiar face: Snapchat's patent suggests path for retail

With CRM, merchants try to understand shoppers as much as possible. In today's social-media-oriented world, that goes far beyond a list of products purchased and website pages visited.


How businesses can use Pokemon Go to succeed

Pokemon Go has been a phenomenon since its launch and its location-based, augmented reality nature could make it a boon for small businesses.


And so it begins

Bring the popcorn -- it seems that suggestions that SteelBrick was planning on taking on Apttus were pretty accurate.


Why McDonald's CRM effort won't work

McDonald's is preparing to launch a full-scale CRM program later this year or early next year — and it may just prove to be a great case study for when a CRM program costs more than it helps.

microsoft dynamics 2016 spring wave

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gets spruced up for spring with new IoT-minded features

Microsoft made two key acquisitions last year with the explicit purpose of integrating them into Dynamics CRM, and on Wednesday it announced a spring wave of the software that brings those additions to light.

customer experience

Essential CRM software features: A buyer's guide

This report (free for download by Insiders) identifies the features that a modern CRM system should have – such as mobile access -- and warns against buying niche products that will be hard to integrate.

Walgreen's 3D

For retailers, e-commerce alone won't make the sale

To be successful, retailers today need to focus on creating a customer experience that links mobile options with brick-and-mortar stores and websites.

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Salesforce causes partner pain with SteelBrick acquisition

When Salesforce announced its $300 million acquisition of SteelBrick at the end of last year, one could almost hear the groans from those vendors who are both SteelBrick competitors and a part of the broader Salesforce ecosystem.

150914 salesforce dreamforce 2 buys developer of quoting and billing apps for SMEs is snapping up SteelBrick, a startup that builds quoting and billing functions for SMEs on the Salesforce cloud platform.

Finding the karma with Zendesk's head of enterprise

It's always interesting catching up with a company after a few years. Zendesk is no exception.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cortana

Microsoft's new CRM boss takes the wraps off Dynamics CRM 2016

When Microsoft offered a peek at the next Dynamics CRM earlier this month, the software's longtime leader was still at the helm. On Monday, it was a brand-new CRM boss who released the new software to the public.

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Microsoft's Dynamics CRM will get extended to the Web after new acquisition

Microsoft has agreed to acquire the product assets of Adxstudio, a longtime partner of its Dynamics business.

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Salesforce unveils a new CRM tool for 'relationship intelligence'

Salesforce taps technology gained as part of its $390 million RelateIQ acquisition last year to offer a brand-new tool focused on what it calls "relationship intelligence."

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Slicing and dicing email lists with Bluecore

Personalization is the name of the game, and when scale means you can't do it authentically, the next best thing is to automate it.

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