UBank open sources iOS accessibility framework

NAB subsidiary posts UBKAccessibilityKit on GitHub

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UBank has open sourced an iOS framework that intended to help with developing and testing the accessibility of apps.

The NAB subsidiary today unveiled the UBank Accessibility Kit, which is available on GitHub under the open source Apache 2.0 licence.

“UBKAccessibilityKit was built as an internal testing tool for the iOS apps team at UBank (AUS),” the project’s documentation states.

“The team weren't happy with the tools available on the market as they had limited feature sets or didn't work as intended. UBKAccessibilityKit was originally built to help solve one problem but grew, based on many feature requests, into the current tool.”

The framework helped cut the time to test for accessibility, as well as made it a team task not just one for testers on a project, according to the documentation that accompanies it.

“UBKAccessibilityKit allows you to audit your iOS app on device, removing the need to stop and inspect each element via Xcode,” the project’s readme states.

It supports making live changes to text, tint and background colours in an iOS app, as well as checking colour contrast, and testing for features including missing accessibility labels, traits, and hints.

“Developing a mobile app that adheres to guidelines for Accessibility is critically important and yet the only accessibility guidance tools on the market were either locked to a specific development platform or didn’t have enough features or customisation options,” UBank’s CEO Glen Aiton said.  

“The team saw the gap and spent time creating something we can now release as an open source tool, with the hope that it can benefit people around the globe as all iOS contributors can leverage it and have the chance to improve the accessibility of their applications.”

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