SonicWall CEO talks of life after Dell spinout

Clients get best of all worlds in new setup.

SonicWall has been through it all. The San Jose, CA-based security company began as a hot start up, went public, then private, was acquired by Dell and then spun off to a private equity firm as part of the massive Dell/EMC merger in 2016. In the wake of that change, SonicWall also got a new CEO, Bill Conner, a long-time security and tech industry leader, who took the helm in November.

In this installment of the IDG CEO Interview Series, Conner spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about what the Dell spin out means for customers and where SonicWall is focusing its development efforts. Hint: Think IoT, mobile and hybrid data centers. He also discussed the company’s cloud strategy and how the changing threat landscape opens up new opportunities in the enterprise for SonicWall, which is better known in the SMB space.

SonicWall was acquired by Dell, now it’s spun out by Dell. What does all that mean for the company and for its customers?

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