See, somebody DOES read the manual!

Flashback a couple decades to the days when this pilot fish is a student working on an IT team at a local government office.

"We developed an office management system for them and coded it up," says fish. "However I had an evil sense of humor, and managed to get the code from a tank-battle game to put what looks like a crack on the computer screen.

"Then I wrote, at a certain point in the manual, that users should never press a certain set of keys. There was no chance to accidentally press that key combination. But when it was pressed, it caused a countdown clock to appear on the screen, then a crack would appear on the screen for seven seconds, then disappear.

"And then, no matter what they did, it would never happen again that day.

"Obviously, people found that entry in the documentation and human nature took over and they tried it. We knew they tried it because the routine recorded in the background who fell for the trick.

"But nobody said anything about it -- not even management who fell for it."

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