You said it was reassembled from tiny bits, right?

It's the early days of online ticket services, and this pilot fish is sitting with his grandma as he buys tickets for a local event.

"Grandma took a keen interest in how the whole thing worked," fish says. "After all, we were saving a trip to the box office downtown.

"I explained about the link over the phone line, the communication with a computer on the other end and how that computer kept track of all the events and what tickets were sold or not. Lastly, I explained how we didn’t need to give someone our credit card number over the phone -- we simply had to type it in.

"All was good, and my dear grandma was really taking it all in, asking questions as if she fully understood.

"Then the last question came: 'I get all that, but how do they get the paper for the ticket through the phone line so it prints at the house?'"

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