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This pilot fish's boss, the company controller, comes into IT one morning with his laptop -- and he's very worried.

"He told me that he had worked all last night on financial reports that he had to present to the board of directors today," fish says. "But after coming in this morning, had spilled a cup of coffee down the keyboard and now it would not boot.

"And he did not have a backup, so he was in panic mode."

Fish and his co-worker go to work cleaning up the laptop, and they have an advantage: Their company manufactures circuit boards and they can use the board-washer to clean the coffee off the laptop's motherboard.

Once the laptop is reassembled and tested, everything works. And with the crisis averted, they decide to have some fun with their practical-joker boss.

They call the boss to tell him the machine is ready -- but not before sprinkling some extra screws and electrical parts on the table around the laptop.

"He was relieved that we were able to resurrect his laptop and save his presentation for the day," says fish. "Then he reluctantly asked about all the extra parts lying around.

"We told him those were just the parts we didn't think he needed anymore."

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