Apparently the phone knows how to campaign, too

This IT pilot fish's boss is an elected official and a bit of a local celebrity, and when the boss is invited to some public function, fish sometimes has to come along for the ride.

"Recently he was invited to attend a local community church service to help honor the pastor, who had been serving for 40 years," says fish. "He asked me to come along to take photographs to put on our website and distribute through our social media outlets."

Before the festivities begin, the boss is pressing the flesh in the crowd, and several people ask to have their photos taken with him. Fish takes the pictures and dutifully writes down the e-mail address of each of them, so he can send them the picture once he returns to the office.

One older woman explains that she doesn't have a computer or an e-mail address, but she'd still like a picture. Would fish be willing to print it out and mail it to her?

Sure, says fish. What's your name? And wanting to be sure he gets it right, he types T-A-N-Y-A into his smartphone, presses Enter, and then shows the woman the screen. Is this the correct spelling? he asks.

"She looked at the screen, smirked and said, 'No, honey, but I appreciate the compliment all the same,'" fish says.

"I was a little confused. I turned my phone around to look at the screen. To my horror, I suddenly realized after I had typed her name in, the phone had auto-corrected 'Tanya' to 'Tantalizing.'"

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