No, the root cause was a jerk

System administrator goes to a cabling technician about a fiber cable serving a backup connection that seems to have gone bad, reports a pilot fish in the know.

"They go to the unit in question, and the cabling tech looks at the fiber connection and says, it's not the cable -- see, the data light is flashing," says fish. "He also points out that the cable the sysadmin is looking at is a production connection, not a backup connection.

"Sysadmin insists it's bad and, over the objections of the cabling technician, pulls the cable to prove it -- which of course causes an outage in the middle of the day.

"The matter is sent to a root cause analysis team -- a group of managers -- to isolate what caused the outage.

"They come back stating that the root cause of the outage was a mislabeled cable, and ask to have all labels on all the many thousands of cables in the data center be reviewed for accuracy."

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