A little knowledge -- as little as possible

This executive has never set the forwarding on his email or set up an auto-responder, says a pilot fish who's responsible for giving him IT support.

"I have sent him many instructions over the years, print-screens included with step-by-step instructions," fish says. "He usually makes his office manager do it for him.

"He landed at corporate headquarters for a couple of days and informed me that he broke his personal BlackBerry and got a new one. He said he wasn't receiving any emails on the new BlackBerry and people sending emails got rejection emails in return. He wanted the rejection emails to stop and to start receiving email on the BlackBerry.

"So I explained that all he needed to do was set the forwarding from his old email to his new BlackBerry address. Of course, I got the 'How do I do that?' I printed out the instructions yet again and sat with him while he set it up.

"We went through what options should be checked off and why. Finally, we got to the place where he had to put in the email address to be forwarded to. 'What do I put in there?' he asked. I told him, 'Put in the new BlackBerry email address.'

"He looked up. 'Well, what is my new email address?' 'Did you not get told what your email address is?' I asked. He replied, 'Why would I want to know that?'"

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