You could see this one coming, right?

It's 2003, and this IT director pilot fish has been on the job for seven years. "I was well respected by my peers on the executive team for running a good IT department despite budget and staff cuts," fish says.

"Then we were assigned a new regional president who was so old, he should have been transferred to a rest home years ago. Each time he asked a staff member for information, he became very frustrated when he was told 'It's on the company intranet.'

"I finally found out what the real problem was: The new boss did not know what an intranet was, and he explained that he had never used the Internet before. In 2003!

"I helped him navigate to Internet Explorer on his PC for the first time, while he complained that he did not like technology or using a laptop.

"After several frustrating months of trying to use all of our automated information systems, he finally decided to replace me with a buddy of his who had been out of work for two years.

"As the new IT director stepped into my office to assume my position, he pointed to a black object on my desk and asked, 'What is that?'

"My network manager, who was also in my office at the time, explained, 'It's a docking station for a laptop.'"

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