Packaged-software sales rep is launching into his spiel at this government agency when a legally blind agency director walks in -- and puts a tape recorder on the table.

iphone android

iPhone vs. Android: 12 points of difference

Choosing between the two main players in mobile depends on what’s most important to you. Here's what you need to know to make the right decision.

Screen recording on the iPhone under iOS 11

Is Apple solving the privacy and convenience puzzle?

Apple appears to be making significant progress in crafting convenience and useful services while preserving user privacy, even in its ads network.

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Must-have features for enterprise VoIP

Make sure your big company doesn't buy a small-company phone system.

Size matters

It's upgrade time for this law firm's computers, and the IT team has decided to go with what used to be called a bookshelf PC. But the boss has a very specific objection.

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What Amazon Prime Day tells us about mobile app loyalty

What does it mean that users of the Amazon app were less likely to venture into a physical store on the day of Amazon's big sale?

AI cracks ancient game of Go

I underestimated the speed of ARKit adoption

I didn't realize how advanced some ARKit solutions had already become in just a few weeks.

Wasn't this supposed to speed things up?

This IT pilot fish comes up with a clever way to let users access their company intranet without yet another user name and password. But why has it gotten so slow?

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Will Apple map your home with iRobot's Roomba? (UPDATED)

Apple and others have set their sights on indoor mapping, Roomba sees potential in mapping your home

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A tale of two Microsofts

It was the best of times, it was the “not so great” of times...

Enhance your resume (the vendor sales rep way!)

It's the 1980s, and this IT pilot fish is in the market for a word processor. But the sales rep has a different idea -- and he says it'll be good for fish's career, too.

computer waste junk pile [DOKUMOL / CC0 via Pixabay]

Windows 10 is making too many PCs obsolete

Windows 10 will be supported until Oct. 14, 2025 -- unless your computer has a Clover Trail CPU. Then, you’re out of luck.

Parlez-vous workflow?

U.S. pilot fish is working with a multinational chemical company's team in Paris, facing the challenges of transatlantic time shift, different work cultures -- and lunch.

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Why 'experiental' marketing will be a massive IT challenge

Marketing is all about experiences now; to succeed it will need the two-letter technologies: AR, VR and A.I. And to scale it will need smartphones, selfies, live-streaming and social media.

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If you're going to lose a laptop, better it be a Chromebook

I left my Chromebook on a bus yesterday, and my own Defensive Computing let me down.

Because isn't that the obvious way to install it?

This company has a whole raft of IT issues. and over time an IT consultant gets almost all of them fixed -- except for one important workstation's networking problem.

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Fix poor VoIP call quality with a dedicated circuit

Poor call quality does not always go hand-in-hand with enterprise hosted VoIP. There is a simple way for companies to get guaranteed, land-line call quality. And surprising, the cost is usually no higher than the alternative.

There are programming standards, and then...this

This Cobol program is big, old and often modified, but it was developed under some reasonable software development standards. So why doesn't it seem to make any sense?

Unclear on the concept, special networking edition

IT manager accuses a cable installation team of substandard work that's slowing his network -- and this pilot fish is called in to investigate.

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