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privacy geek

Privacy worries are on the rise, new poll of U.S. consumers shows

A majority said they'd switch providers in the event of a security breach, the IDC survey says.

20161206 deere agricultural planter vehicle in field

Worm on the sensor: What happens when IoT data is bad?

Bad data is common in IoT, and though it’s hard to get an estimate of how much information streaming in from connected devices can’t be used, a lot of people are thinking about the problem.

Lyft car

Robot cars will make up most of Lyft’s rides in five years

Autonomous cars are set to take off but they are less likely to be driven by private owners and will in all probability be part of networks operated by ride-hailing services, according to the co-founder and president of Lyft.

A drone

Drones have potential for industrial sabotage

Industrial facilities should be on guard against drones. Even off-the-shelf versions of the unmanned aircraft could be used to disrupt sensitive systems.

ibm jim comfort cto cloud

IBM's cloud CTO: 'We're in this game to win'

An industry focus is one of the key factors IBM is betting will set it apart from cloud competitors including Google, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, IBM's top cloud exec says.

6 hero infinity hardware

OLPC redux: Spin-off delivers successors to low-cost hardware

Non-profit One Education has an ambitious plan in a competitive PC market: To sell Windows 10 tablets and laptops inspired by the innovative spirit of One Laptop Per Child, which designed groundbreaking, low-cost PCs almost a decade...

security code big data cyberespionage DDoS

Mysterious malware targets industrial control systems

Researchers have found a malware program that was designed to manipulate supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems in order to hide the real readings from industrial processes.

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Oracle pays $532 million to snatch up another cloud service provider

Oracle on Monday announced that it is paying $532 million to buy Opower, a provider of cloud services to the utilities industry.

20151027 oracle cloud on building

Oracle sets its sights on engineering and construction industry with Textura buy

Oracle is spending $663 million to buy Textura, a company that offers cloud services for the engineering and construction industry.

carekit primary

Apple's healthy CareKit revolution

Apple's new CareKit developer framework allows developers and doctors to connect copious amounts of healthcare data -- and make sense of it all. The end result should be healthier patients.

Cloud gears machine production

Manufacturers’ resistance to the cloud is weakening

Manufacturers have typically resisted putting their complex ERP systems in the cloud. But a report from Technology Evaluation Centers identifies several ways that could change in the future.

nyc power plant

Are companies on the wrong path where smart plant security is concerned?

Cyber criminals are far ahead of enterprises that are applying access controls and encryption as their toughest solutions for securing smart plants.


Google updates productivity suite with dictation, integrated search and more

Google rolled out a big set of updates to its productivity suite today aimed primarily at enhancing its capabilities for students and teachers.

Cloud computing circuits

GE cloud could make sense of massive IoT data storm

The Internet of Things can give a company a massive influx of information, but then the problem the company faces is wrapping its corporate arms around that data to make meaningful sense of it.

Apple Store

Apple stands alone in controlling the in-store experience

When it comes to redefining the brick-and-mortar shopping experience, no major retailer even approaches what Apple has done with the Apple Store.

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