It's just one feature. How long could it take?

Programmer pilot fish gets a deskside visit from one of his company's big bosses, who has a very specific request: a brand-new feature, added to a big software product -- and ready to install in two weeks.


New horizons in data appreciation

Pilot fish is working for a defense contractor when he gets the job of creating reports to break down company spending -- and for a very specific purpose.


Well, he WAS a traveling salesman...

One of this small software vendors is also the chief salesman -- and somehow, most of the customers he finds are more than 100 miles from company headquarters, so they're much more expensive to support.


He DID get it after the second time, though

This small software vendor is installing its Unix product at a customer site when a fresh-from-college pilot fish accidentally erases all the system's data. Now where's that backup?


IT enough for ya?

After a series of company acquisitions, this IT pilot fish is on the team tasked with migrating everyone to a standardized desktop -- but not every user is happy with how that process works.


Another satisfied customer!

IT analyst pilot fish buys a new PC, and it turns out that a key application fish uses won't load -- and the newest version of the software is subscription-based. Fortunately, fish has another option...for a while.


Hey, if he can't even bother to use automation...

This pilot fish is in the office to finish some data analysis with a tight deadline, and he notices a pattern in how one of his co-workers is working late -- so to speak.


We call this game 'Bluff the Blowhard'

This insurance company's IT shop has strict requirements for documenting development processes and especially code walk-throughs, and that's great -- unless somebody important isn't on board,


Missing question #576: 'And when did this start?'

It's fashion-show week in New York City, and for this apparel maker's IT department, that means all the users are in one place. Good thing, too, because one user's laptop is mysteriously shutting down.


That's one way to get the contract...

IT consultant pilot fish gets an urgent phone call from the consulting firm he works for: Some higher-ups want to meet with him immediately -- and it turns out his boss's boss is making a sudden exit from the firm.


Duty bound

Programmer is assigned to create software to help recover the import duties for some components in products his company manufactures -- a complex process that's currently done manually by a single user.


Well, SOMEBODY'S unclear on the concept here...

This manufacturing plant's managers decide to go for a VPP safety rating from the federal government -- which not many plants achieve. What could go wrong with that plan?


So by definition it's a hardware problem, right?

This pilot fish is working for a major airline, doing onsite IT support at an airport, when he gets a trouble ticket. Problem: Bug in terminal. But he knows they've just patched the terminals -- so now what?


But everything's a lot faster nowadays, right?

It's the 1980s, and this big bank is consolidating its data centers spread across the U.S. The bank's secret weapon for distributed processing? Satellites.


Why we still do deskside visits

This high-end hairdresser is having problems with two of the Macs used in her salon, and the issues are baffling to the IT pilot fish who supports the business -- mainly because they're intermittent.


Because really, what could go wrong?

This healthcare IT vendor's install group takes a very businesslike approach to rolling out applications within the company. But it seems not everyone there shares that mindset.


Not the kind of commitment she was looking for

This recently hired IT pilot fish gets called on the carpet by his boss, who wants to know why fish was unreachable the evening before until almost 9 p.m.


In fairness, there probably WAS a reason...

This field service tech pilot fish gets a call from his boss: Drop what you're doing and your customer site, head over to a different customer's site, calm down the customer and solve the problem from the last tech.


"Trusted," redefined

IT pilot fish works for a big health insurance company that relies heavily on brokers who sell group policies to small and medium-size businesses. But when it comes to their commissions, something's not quite right.


They make the big bucks -- and the big boo-boos

This IT pilot fish is working on a project with several highly paid consultants from a very big computer company when he notices that some files have disappeared from his Unix directory.


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