Because isn't that the obvious way to install it?

This company has a whole raft of IT issues. and over time an IT consultant gets almost all of them fixed -- except for one important workstation's networking problem.


There are programming standards, and then...this

This Cobol program is big, old and often modified, but it was developed under some reasonable software development standards. So why doesn't it seem to make any sense?


Unclear on the concept, special networking edition

IT manager accuses a cable installation team of substandard work that's slowing his network -- and this pilot fish is called in to investigate.

07/19/17, DRAWER closed

User at this manufacturing plant calls the help desk because her PC keeps losing network connectivity -- and she says she even knows what's triggering the problem.


Can you hear me...right here?

IT pilot fish warns his boss that he's spending his time off in a cellular dead zone -- but these days, how likely is it that he'll REALLY be out of touch if he's needed?


Ah, summertime! Hot days, good fishing and, well...

If it's not a software fault or a network failure, why do all the PCs in this factory keep rebooting?


Details, details...

There are three steps to software development success: Try to buy instead of build. Check whether it's too hard to build in-house. And...what are we forgetting?


Ready, fire, aim!

This programming standards project has a high-level executive sponsor's support -- but there are still a few questions about it that really need answers.


If he wasn't so tidy, it might even have survived

Take one really long, neatly coiled network cable and leave it connected to a computer. Now what could make that REALLY cause a problem?


Unclear on the concept, plastic edition

Credit card security tip: Don't put all your card information in the same place. (No, really -- not even ALMOST in the same place.)


Back to the bleeding-edge future

It's the 1980s. How many IBM engineers does it take to admit that the hot new hardware is broken?


Four decades later, the same bugs keep popping up

Doctor's office offers patients a faster way to check in: Fill in a form online before the appointment. Which database errors did the developers make this time?


To be fair, he DID get it in 20

New IT boss at this telecom company isn't a technical guy, and he's shocked at the cost of the new SAN hardware that the company is about to purchase. Fortunately (or not), he's ready to float an alternative.


How revolutions are born

Flashback to the mid-1970s, when this company's VP of Real Estate wants a regularly updated list of leaseholders in alphabetical order, and IT says he can have it in two years -- maybe. Better ideas, anyone?


Our kind of guy

For half a year, this IT team has been working on a project to upgrade the mainframe. But they're a bit leery of the salesman, who's always checking with HQ before answering questions. Who's he talking to?


Lucky he was sort of dropping by, huh?

Flashback to the late 1970s, when this insurance company's mainframe is getting errors with a tape drive, and the IBM techs can't find a reason for it. But guess who's coming to lunch?


Better question, but even harder to answer

It's the mid-1990s, and this boss asks a pilot fish to create a few revenue charts for him. Fish -- who's been a programmer and a data analyst -- is glad to oblige. Then comes the big question: How long will it take?


The price of security: surprisingly affordable

This company makes steel cell towers and utility poles, and a user there is worried about an upcoming audit by an industry standards group. So why is the web filter blocking him from getting those standards?


Sometimes you really can tell by the smell

IT pilot fish is called to this business's main building. Problem: The network is out. But the main thing fish notices as he arrives is a really awful smell.


Please, PLEASE tell us he's not in sales (or IT)

This company's new incentive program: Employees with an idea that boosts revenue get a percentage of the increased profits for the next year. But the idea that gets the most discussion is, um, problematic.


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